Mix 1


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Mix 2


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Mix 3


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Mix 4


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Mix 5


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Mix 6


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Mix 7


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Mix 8


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Mix 9


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48 Responses to Mixes

  1. Big Cees says:

    The sample mix is dope! I love the sprinkling of throwback hits intertwined with the R&B and hip hop.

  2. cess says:

    The beginning is different… never heard anyone do anything like that before lol but it gets more familiar as you go along. LOVE it!

  3. Pheelix says:

    Nice mix brotha! Definitely something to kick it to.

  4. RoyVT4 says:

    im likin it. siiick mix !!

  5. hapblac says:

    shit is sum laid back nitecap steez..good shit flex.

  6. Anthony D. says:

    Good ish Flex. Downloading this now and will be running to it on sunday during the marathon. Gotta love Beck and D’angelo mixed in there.

  7. Annette P. says:

    Flexander this mix could cure ARDS, best believe dat! You got mad skillzzzzz.

  8. Liberty Solis says:

    Dope mix. Love it!

  9. WHOSANE says:

    sickening bro…….. one love fer the homie flex!

  10. amante says:

    S to the KILLZ!! You know you’re awesome when you drop Pharcyde followed by Heartbeats, the Knife! I see my BEST has influenced you in more ways than one 😉

  11. Joe Dirt says:

    supa dope selection brotha! keep the mixes coming…

  12. bebeth says:


  13. JCarreon says:


  14. WBandoy says:

    Lol. Cruel summer in mix two. Awesome. Thanks for giving me something to jam to while I pack for my move this Labor Day weekend!

  15. Chris Blanco says:

    This sh*t is off the hook….
    I’m hella diggin the first mix right now….
    Good stuff bradah!!!!

  16. Jen Diesta says:

    🙂 Can I get a copy? 🙂

  17. RYAN CALAPIT says:


  18. David D says:

    Reggae mix is dope flex. I’m jammin’ and emailin’.

  19. gstylez says:

    Wow. this is ill. Lovin it bro. Keep it up. I’m not even halfway through and awesome mix 🙂

  20. JaydeL says:

    Good music….Good vibe….good times….Keep it coming all day, everyday

  21. j0nafin says:

    Flex is a talented DJ. His reggae mix has put me in the mood to move to Hawaii. Aloha, everyone! Goodbye, San Diego. Flex, you can have my USB condenser mic and headphones.

  22. Leslie Tolentino says:

    love these mixes…ESPECIALLY THE REGGAE MIX of course. 🙂 keep it coming…..

  23. Maleko619 says:

    It’s ALL about the reggae mix bro! I wish there were more mix tapes like that!!

  24. Aj says:

    MIX 1 & two’s nice selection of lounging muzic! Also, Loving the island music on MIX3 ya’ll! BTW nice site!

  25. jay layno says:

    just listened to mix 3…slick mix flex!!! got my head bobbin at work and i didnt even know it. keep at it bro. see you on the bball courts!

  26. Harold says:

    The Reggae mix is Hot… I got pissed cause i was all into it while sketching (fogetting it was a sample). Crap! I need this on my Ipod shooo!

  27. alyssa says:

    who needs itunes when you got this candy! very cool!

  28. chris says:

    yo…feeling the mixes man!

  29. Chriselle says:

    Ah gyeah!!! Luv it! ……Definitely got me bob’n my head. =)

  30. Bernie says:

    Flex holdin it down. Genres all over the place! Good stuff, man.. keep it up.

  31. pogiewun says:

    dope sh!t yo! keep em comin!

  32. John Cayabyab says:

    sik tracks homie….see you @ Mikey’s for the next one…lol…

  33. Edelisa C. says:

    I’m loving the mixes Alex. I’m really feelin’ 3 and 4. You got talent man. I’ll download it and use it when i’m jogging. Keep it coming. =D

  34. Michael Cabradilla says:

    Awesome stuff Flex! Keep rockin!

  35. Jason Ox says:

    Great job bro! love listening to ur mixes. very easy listening and chill.

  36. Fritzie D says:

    Awesome job Flex! The reggae mix is my fav 🙂

  37. Jacqueline Silva says:

    Firme! All I got to say is Straight Suavecito! Bomba! thx for sharing!

  38. Brian Valerio says:

    HOT ISH !!! 😉 Good stuff bro. Keep it up!

  39. Shi says:

    love mix 5. love the old school =)

  40. Cheryll says:

    Love it!!!

  41. Tommy Figuero says:

    Mix 3 – Loving the Alicia, Sade, Lauren, Estelle combo. Thanks for sharing the music. Now I just need to figure out how to get all these mixes on my iPod. Keep me updated when you come out with more mixes.

  42. jeff says:

    good shiz mang. mixes are dope as usual. i want a FULL copy. holler.

  43. LARA says:

    All i gotta say is TWO THUMBS UP:) keep it going FLEX. like they say, “music is the way to the soul.”
    Jim says: “Can I get a copy? That guy is good.”

  44. kanye west’s “all falls down” followed by the cure’s “close to me”

    ridiculousness!! feelin it!!

  45. Allison Logan says:

    hell yea i love your mixes, especially #7! cant wait to start working out to it! but seriously, whens the next house party?! just sayin…. =P

  46. Rene M. says:

    Nicely done. Big ups to number three!

  47. Angelo says:

    I like mix 3 Keep up the good work lookin forward to listening to more mixes from u.Thanks for letting me check out ur music bro

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